HC Constructions Ltd. is committed to being compliant with all quality, environmental and workplace safety laws and standards related to its construction market activity, together with other obligations undertaken.
COur aim is to fulfil customer needs to the maximum, and also to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our work in an organized way, in order to achieve a high level client satisfaction.
We are committed to the prevention of environmental pollution, accidents and health damages through keeping a close eye on our performance affecting the environment and workplace health conditions.

HC Constructions Ltd. is determined to strengthen its position in the region, and in order to achieve this:

  • We introduced and are running an integrated management system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS standards, continuously improving their efficiency.
  • We aim for maximal customer satisfaction with highly qualified professionals, continuous trainings and an always improving work quality.
  • Our target system in terms of quality, environmental protection and workplace health is clearly set and is regularly and systematically examined and evaluated, the result of which being integrated in the initiation of corrective actions eliminating environmental or health damages.
  • By using the most developed technical tools for professional preparation, timing and work organization, the company is able to optimize its resources.
  • The improvement of work quality is reached through continuous monitoring and control.
  • Our partners are also bound to perform on the quality level set by HC Constructions. They are expected to use machines and equipment proven to be competent for the job given, in an appropriate and safe state for the project.
  • The integrated system of HC Constructions Ltd. is always developed in line with the continuous changes in laws and client expectations.
  • External partners are also expected to perform in the highest quality, compliant with all laws and regulations.
  • This integrated policy is made public for all partners.
  • Market share is intended to be increased through expanding the activities wider in the region. The fulfilment of these expectations is strengthening the reputation of HC Constructions Ltd., also helping in reaching the strategic goals set for the future.