HC Construction Ltd is present in the sector for more than 10 years, exploiting its founder’s 60 years’ experience and values in structural engineering and general construction.
Our company is at its customers’ service with a stable organizational background, well educated staff, high capital reserves and mutually fair co-operation possibilities.
For us the given word is of utmost importance, meaning of course the precise and quality fulfillment of contracts, as well as coming up to our business clients’ needs and expectations.
This is testified by the positive feedbacks from the end users of our finalized projects, and the continuously growing circle of our references.
Our company is able to remain successful and balanced even now, in the continuously changing business environment. Our goal is to maintain this and even strengthen our current market position.
The main activities we are involved in include structural engineering tasks performed in full scale general construction, as prime contractor, in the form of a private or public procurement.

The main milestones in our company’s history:

  • 8 August 2006 – the foundation of HUNÉP Capital-Bau Investment and Main Contractor Ltd.
  • 2009 – our statistical staff has risen to 15 colleagues, we are moving to our own, new, bigger office
  • 2012 – signing of the M43 Makó highway engineering contract, in the net value of HUF 1.5 Bn
  • 2013 – our equity is above HUF 400 Mln
  • 6 August 2014 – the name of our company is changed to HC Construction Ltd.
  • 2015 -the successful handover of the renovated ANS I. air traffic control center
  • In 2015 our revenue exceeds HUF 1.9 Bn

Our main references include the building and reconstruction of apartment houses, government buildings, schools and health care facilities, as well as the renovation of panel houses, and other energetic modernizations.

Our colleagues are responsible people, who are committed to their profession, forming this way the basis for an efficient and successful operation. The core team needed for general construction projects is made up of architects, mechanics, people responsible for technical preparations in electricity, technical managers, project managers and construction managers. They are backed by business-, financial- and administration experts.

Based on our current values and results, our strategic goal for the next few years is to keep our position in the Hungarian construction industry, being a financially and professionally stable partner for our new and returning customers.

In its everyday work, HC Construction Ltd. is running an ISO 9001:2008 quality-, ISO 14001:2004 environmental health-, and an OHSAS 18001:2007 workplace safety system.

In line with the continuous changes in regulations, standards and customer needs, our integrated management system is regularly upgraded and improved, in order to be able to carry on with our structural and ground engineering activity as prime contractors, to our clients’ increasing satisfaction.

The growth and evolution of our company leading us to today’s average yearly income was always a consistent and reliable one, relying on our financial and professional background. This means on an average 4-8 implementation projects running at the same time. HC Construction Ltd. is profitable every year since its foundation – thanks mainly to the projects connected to public educational and health care facilities.

Financial data (thousand HUF):

  2012 2013 2014 2015
Net revenue 1.322.8831.763.4561.338.5101.922.270
Profit before tax85.449156.33298.260193.283